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Is this secure?

Yes, the password is generated in your browser using Javascript, so is not sent across the internet. However USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK - I have not done a full security audit on it so there may be vulnerabilities, and it's really just a fun project for now, it's not really designed for public use just yet.
I recommend using a password manager such as KeePass to generate and store your passwords. Ideally this password generator should be sent via HTTPS, but as of Feb 2016 I haven't got round to that yet. Additionally, the generator is open source, so you can review the code for yourself and be sure there isn't anything malicious involved.

How strong does my password need to be?

Your password should be as long and as complex as possible. It should be: Here's Google's guide to strong passwords for reference.

Can I save my preferences?

Sure - if you'd like the site to load your preferences every time you open it up, then bookmark the URL at the bottom of the 'Options' panel. Then when you click the bookmark, it will remember the options you set. This is based on querystring parameters - you will notice the URL changes a little every time you change an option. Again, this is secure - the password itself is never transmitted across the internet.

Can I modify this and make my own version?

Sure! Fork me on Github.